Top Takeaways from World Business Forum NYC 2018

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Top Takeaways from World Business Forum NYC 2018 “The principles of incrementalism and linear thinking, once the foundations of our approach to strategy and business, are being replaced by new principles of exponentialism: speed > certainty, abundance > scarcity, networks > hierarchy, empowerment > control. If embraced by business leaders, this mindset shift can create new opportunities to drive unprecedented growth; to empower radical innovation; to liberate true potential; to engage in incredible speed and scale; and to execute against increasingly more ambitious visions.” - WOBI Arianna Huffington answers audience questions at WBFNYC 2018  (Image credit: World [...]

Intent-Driven Automation for B2B Marketing

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Intent-Driven Automation for B2B Marketing In this session at GrowthHackers Conference 2018, Guillaume "G" Cabane, VP of Growth at Drift, presented how B2B marketing is evolving into a hyper-personalized experience - and shared Drift’s evil plan for AI to take over the marketing world. Below is a summary of G’s keynote session. For more #GHConf18 session recaps and growth strategy resources, head over to Rocket Strategy. “The days of ‘spray and pray’ are over.” For years, marketers have been using  ‘spray and pray’ tactics because they don’t know much about their contacts. Many marketers do everything they [...]

Relentless Pursuit of Growth – Growth Hacking Strategies for 2018 from Sean Ellis

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Relentless Pursuit of Growth - Growth Hacking Strategies for 2018 from Sean Ellis “Growth fundamentals aren’t enough - companywide team buy-in across all departments and silos is critical.” This key insight by Sean Ellis, Former head of marketing at Dropbox and LogMeIn, Cofounder & CEO of, and co-author of 'Hacking Growth', during his opening keynote session at the GrowthHackers Conference 2018, signifies a shift from tactics to a more strategic focus for growth hacking in 2018. This is the second part of my series covering the top takeaways from #GHConf18. In this session, Sean set the [...]

Key Growth Lessons From GrowthHackers Conference 2018

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Key Growth Lessons from GrowthHackers Conference 2018 April Dunford talks growth and context at GrowthHackers Conference 2018 “A company’s mission and growth are inextricably tied.” This powerful quote by Brian Rothenburg, VP of Growth at Eventbrite, from his keynote session on mission-driven growth embodies the overarching theme of the GrowthHackers Conference 2018 in San Diego last week: Growth fundamentals aren’t enough to achieve lasting progress - it takes shared organizational mission and strategy alignment across all departments and a company-wide culture of growth. #GHConf18 was so jam-packed full of valuable learnings and some of the brightest minds in [...]